Get your questions answered by professional traders live in the market.The Trading Empire uses the Market Check Down process to help new and experienced traders find the highest probability setups for the upcoming trading session.Join our team of professional traders weekly as the use technical analysis,currency colleration, and experience to find the hottest price points for the session.Watch professional traders use the Strike Zone Trading education to locate winning trades for themselves and you.

Full Member Benefits:

  • Education, Live Support, & Projections

Four Services In One Place For One Price


  • 100+ need to know terms.
  • Everything MT4, including how to find a good broker.
  • The 4 types of analyses.
  • The 4 types of traders.
  • Indicators and how we use them.
  • An introduction to the Strike Zone Trading method giving you...

Live Support

  • Live pre-market technical chart analysis check down sessions.
  • London session check downs at 1:30 AM ET & New York session check downs at 7:00 AM ET as scheduled on the calendar.
  • Technical analysis and currency correlation provides direction for trading the pairs with the most potential.
  • Emailed post market chart mark-ups solidify what you do right and help you eliminate the unproductive habits.

Alerts (Coming Soon)

  • We are currently updating our alert technolgy to bring faster, more accurate, and more frequent trade signals.
  • Hot price points are identified during and outside of live check down sessions.
  • When the hot price point is hit, you receive and email or text alert.
  • Take entry and make pips!
  • 8 out of 10 alerts are good for more than 20 pips.
  • Our last 20 alerts provided a potential 1,164 pips (58.20 average).


  • Emailed weekly a few hours before the market opens.
  • Over 90% accurate (lifetime).
  • Over 44,000 pips projected in 2014.
  • Over 36,000 pips projected in 2015 so far.

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The Complete Strike Zone Trading System

Ready for the complete Strike Zone Trading course?  Our Earn While You Learn program has given you a glimpse of the course (the 100 - 400 series).  Now you are ready to dive into the most meaty, life changing education in Forex (the 500 & 600 series).  These video and written lessons will teach you everything from basic entry strategies on a 15 minute chart to how you can maximize your pip count to capture an entire weekly trend run and everything in between.  Follow that up with with our 700 - 1100 series which reinforces the three principles of trading with hundreds of chart examples, and you will be ready to be a full-time professional Forex trader.

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$515000one time
  • The Complete Strike Zone Trading Course

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