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What Member's Say


I think I finally have had my A HA moment Thursday & Friday of this week. 1 1/2 years later! I thought I could do it in 6 months! I know I took too many trades, but I went 8 out of 10 in these two days!. That totaled 450 pips. EU, GU, NU, EA, GA, AU and the J Pairs. I dont know why I have not seen this before but it is something your wife said about the fixed mid-line 50 on the TDI in your last Webinar. As soon as I started using it as a filter, my accuracy and confidence jumped and my flashcard learning was more meaningful. Short GJ was my last trade late on Friday for my last 50! I did not think I got filled but it showed up filled near the close.. I use 3 setup patterns. That's it for now. I use candle stick patterns or a close pass the 13 ema to enter and a 25 pip hard stop.

I had a 632 pip week so now I am going off demo and into live trading. I am going to start out using 2& and then once I gain 50%, I will move it to 5%. I will start with $1000.

I still have a long way to go before I learn this methodology.

Thanks for all your support and confidence. You told me I would get it! I will keep you informed. I know it will be different trading live. Clicking out prematurely is always an issue!"

TC - Texas
"Thanks Zen.

That NZDUSD alert had lovely divergence and nice timing.  I'll have these trades all day long and twice on Monday......Ha!


TG - New Zealand
I want to thank you on what has changed my direction on the market.  All of sudden I am getting these signals in the right direction.  A lot of times I do miss the W or M.  I am just to far away from the HOD , LOD for risk.  On the continuation trade though I have done your 1/3 of the ADR to look for a bounce back to the EMA's Then I look also to the TDI and RSI is below the 50 I take it short otherwise I don't touch it.  the outside, inside the band signal because the MM is usually in the Trending Stage of the pattern.  In the NY session I take it to the 50 EMA.  I was constantly going the wrong direction off the ADR, YLOD, YHOD, thinking W or M only to find the market was trending and would go another 25-50 pips and stop me out and then reverse.  Euro was a good example of this on Friday at the ADR.  It still had a 3rd push to go and I did not fall for it until the 3rd push was done!!

Thanks again! Hopefully in a couple weeks I can now get off demo!!!!."

TS - Michigan
"Today was continuation trades.

I closed the following trades a while ago:

GBPJPY 135 pips

EURUSD 64 pips

USDCHF 33 pips

I do not normally trade 3 pairs (more like 1) but there were so many opportunities.  EURJPY also had an excellent double top today (2nd leg was 2 pips less than the 1st leg) with compressed emas.'s just like you said.  Sometimes there is nothing, and sometimes the trades are everywhere.

Loving all of you!!"

LW - Ohio
"This is too amazing!
For 15 years I've diligently studied trading systems, indicators, etc., etc...
I won a trade, I lost a trade, I won, I lost...I spun my wheels... feeling most frustrated.
Now it makes sense, and I'm having consistent wins.
You guys are great teachers.
Thank you!"
BF - Virgin Islands
"Hello Zen,

Thanks for the email regarding the GBP/USD. I picked up 50 pips yesterday / today in my practice account"

SS - Australia
"Hi Zen

What a great experience! Thank you.

I've been trading forex for over 10 years and have spent many thousands of dollars on education but no one was ever able to explain exactly how the market works and what really determines price movements . After taking the Strike Zone Trading course, I will never look at my charts in the same way again. The 20/20 chart vision I have acquired by working my Every Day Drills as taught in the class have instilled in me the confidence that every trader needs to profit in today's volatile markets. Many thanks to Zen, Diana, and Kanin, for sharing your wisdom and coaching me in all aspects of trading, not just in understanding the markets but in applying what I've learned on a day to day basis. You are truly the First Family of Forex trading."

MW - New York
"Dear Zen, I just wanted to let you know that yesterday I got 82 pips thanks to the alert your system sent on EURJPY.

I am very excited with your project and hope you continue helping us traders in the future.

Best regards,"

EJB - Costa Rica
"Hi guys

The last 2 alerts you sent were right on the button...

Thanks for your help and congratulations are in order for everything you guys do. You look like genuinely nice people."

MC -
"Hi Zen,

Since the beginning of the checkdown sessions, I have finally learned the value of patience. For this week, I didn't see any trades until last night, so I didn't take any trade except on the demo account.

At about 1:00 am, I did the checkdown and had my eye on the yen pairs and the aussie. I wasn't too keen on EJ but that was the final choice. I saw that level 2 had formed for the day and level 3 will be at the PLOD. So when I threw a pin I got in. I had a bit of a draw-down for the candle formation but I wasn't fazed and just crossed my fingers. I haven't slept yet but who cares 🙂 when the trade goes your way. Reached my TP at 5:30 am and just about ready to hit the sack.

Just want to say thank you for the big help. I still have a bit of a loss for the month but I'm confident that next month will be a great one.

Happy trading and have a great long weekend (Happy Labor Day).


HF -
So far MCD has greatly helped my discipline (or lack thereof) problem. I have a set of rules to follow and don't trade if the rules aren't met. Even though I have known the rules for 6 months, I never really knew how to apply them.
Thank you for MCD!
TS -

This is an update to my previous. In all for the week I took 9 demo trades. (I know I might be over trading but I wanted to test the method). 7 trades were profitable and 2 were not. I don't keep very good records because the data is in the trading platform but I have attached some samples. I've been trying to trade like this since I first me Orlando. I know this stuff forward and backward but was having trouble with the practical application . Just telling me something doesn't always work for me. I have to see it demonstrated; usually only once, to get the concept. I think my biggest hurdle was discipline to take the trade on proper signals. I'm looking forward to next week.

Thank you for providing Market Check Down. I know what a strain a business endeavor and an undertaking like this can put on your family. I just wanted you Diane and Kanin to know it is appreciated. Thanks again."

LN -
"Not sure if this is some sort of fluke but I took 4 trades this week using the MCD check down and being disciplined to wait for the setups. Made 119 pips with no losses in my demo account. After watching Kanin & Zen do the market check down and reviewing their charts things became much clearer. I did have to take some heat buy my widest stop was 15 pips and none were hit. You can tell me how to do something and I'll get close with some trial & error. If I can see it done I can pick it up right away. So far this is the bet $80 I've ever spent."
LN -
"Hi Zen,

I hesitate to ask you this because you are doing so much for us already, but I really learn alot from the charts your team posts showing the trades they took, and I am wondering if you would be willing to post any trades taken on days when there is no checkdown. I like to do my own analysis before the checkdown sessions to see what I think compared to what you and Kanin are thinking, and I think it would be great to compare what I do in the off days with what you see and do. I would not expect you to even mark up the trades, but just to see what you did and try to figure out why would be a great learning experience for me. It has already been very helpful seeing how you look at things, especially how particular you both are.

Anyway, just a though, I completely understand if you do not want to. Keep up the great work.


JK -
"Hi Zen, Diana & Kanin

I've just attended the first live session of Market Check Down taken by Kanin and I just want to let you know I thought it was great.

Kanin was methodical, disciplined and has a different way of looking at the market from me. He's already taught me a bit of discipline! I've already learned a lesson!!

My entry and timings aren't great, and I need to get extra exposure to the markets to work on them; but having said that, I've taken a small position on the EJ - not a great entry - but I'm in profit, so quite happy.

Keep up the great work!"

CB -
"Dear Zen

Thank you so much for this incredibly generous offer. It has been so painful to...have the deepest insight in the market thats out there but still pretty much breaking even. I met up with my prince after kissing many frogs but my emotions could my judgment so what I make I just end up giving back. After the fact everything is crystal clear and I'm left berating myself for my endlessly repetitive stupidity with no way of breaking out of this vicious cycle.

I am really excited by what you are doing providing "the missing link". The price is a gift.

God Bless"

SJ -
"Dear Zen;

...that one hour presentation given on Sept 27 at 10:22 and forward was THE MOST MEANINGFUL and MOST HELPFUL methodology expressed during the entire three days. ( and before , and afterwards ) I guess that I just really relate to your obvious honesty, integrity, and sincerity of " telling us about " the method " which you and Dianne employ. I feel like a reborn man, just now set free to do likewise. !!!! And, BEST OF ALL, the details of doing " are not hard." I totally get what you taught. I have severed ties to all other forex voices, market forecasters , and the silence of quiet optimism sounds wonderful....!
Please don't ever sell yourself short. You are a solid / great teacher, and I can't thank you enough....!


VB -